Still waiting for NESARA?

NESARA is a popular internet myth, attracting constantly new batches of naïve people hoping that everything that is wrong in the United States and in the world will soon be rectified, while miraculously solving their personal financial problems in the process. It was originally based on a grain of truth but has since been gravely distorted, exaggerated, and elaborated with evermore far-out fantasies.

The fake NESARA logo by Dove of Oneness


The story of NESARA began in 1991 with a proposition by engineer and systems philosopher Harvey Barnard (1942–2005). He called it the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act. He claims to have sent it to 1000 members of the U.S. Congress hoping it would be accepted as U.S. law. No one was interested. Bernard kept trying to lobby for his idea, by issuing the book Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform (1996), founding the NESARA Institute (2001), and through spreading his ideas online via[1]

Barnard’s oiginal NESARA Institute website (now available only through Wayback Machine)

The Cyber Cult

Clyde Hood och Omega Trust

The article “Snared by a cybercult queen” (2004) carefully documents how NESARA after being made available online in 2001 got twisted and abused by several scam artists for their own gain.

The story begins with convicted swindler Clyde Hood, who in the 1990s started an investment fraud scam called Omega Trust separating trusting people of their hard-earned cash in the hope of seeing a 50-fold return on their investment (not unlike some of the Bitcoin scams today). In January 2002, Hood was sentenced to a 14-year prison sentence for swindling people of $12,5 miljon, possibly up to $50 miljons during 1994–2000.[2] He died in prison in 2012.

Dove of Oneness

Cadence ‘Shaini’ Goodwin (1947–2010) was a dark, pretty, outgoing girl, according to the investigative article, came from a small town in Washington state. A few decades later she was a divorced, unsuccessful computer consultant living with her mother in her mobile home. Towards the end of the 1990s she started becoming active on the Omega chatrooms online (likely as one of the hopeful investors) under the name Dove.

In August 2000, as Hood was running out of excuses for the non-returns of invested funds and was prosecuted, Dove stepped forward as the new leader. She simply took over Hood’s many followers, who refused to believe they’d been scammed. The very next day she began making up stories to calm the crowd and keep their hope alive. The arrest was just “a conspiracy” against Hood to “stop the payments” and charges would soon be dropped. She sharply warned members of searching for information about the case.

“STAY AWAY FROM THE WEBSITE that has information on this case!!!” she wrote. “You will be tracked if you go to that website. And, absolutely avoid filling out any complaints – you could lose your funding if you do that!”[3]

When Barnard published his NESARA text as pdf online, it was quickly picked up by Dove who now had a new carrot to dangle in front of the still hopeful Omega scam victims. Dove renamed it the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, created her own logo and launched a copycat website,, where she reinterpreted Barnard’s proposal and added evermore outlandish and alluring features such as a new precious metal-backed “rainbow currency” and claiming that there were at least 50 “prosperity programs” which would start being distributed as soon as the secret “NESARA Law” was officially announced. Plus world peace and free alternative energy.

Dove’s faux NESARA-sajt, (shut down in 2010)

Dove claimed to have hoards of “White Knights” fighting for NESARA and claimed that Bill Clinton had already signed the law in October 2000, but that this had to be kept secret for the time being. When Barnard got e-mails with questions from Dove’s followers he assured them that NESARA had not even been introduced as legislation and that it would be highly unlikely that it could have been kept secret if such had been adopted. The NESARA Institute website,, posted a statement trying to correct the NESARA-cult’s distortions of his text, and even the original acronym.

Shortly after introducing NESARA to the world wide web, certain people latched onto the NESARA idea and began promoting a different version of this story.

Supporters of the altered version of the NESARA story believe that NESARA was enacted into law secretly during the Clinton administration, that there are “White Knights” working tirelessly behind the political scenes to inform the world of this secret legislation, and that the altered version of NESARA promises numerous debt forgiveness elements. Originally, the altered story did not dispute the original NESARA acronym used by Dr. Barnard, but as the rumors increased, supporters then also altered the NESARA acronym.

Although little more than a curiosity for a few years, the altered version of the NESARA story took on a life of its own and now grows throughout the world wide web much like a cancer. So influential is this alternate effort that many people have protested outside the World Court, and some people have paid thousands of dollars to advertise their version of NESARA on the side panels of advertising trucks in Washington, D.C.[4]

Ramtha School of Enlightenment

Several of the Omega victims came from the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, in Yelm, Washington, founded by the New Age guru Judy Zebra ‘JZ’ Knight (known from the film What the Bleep do we Know?) claiming to “channel” the warrior Ramtha said to have lived tens of thousands of years ago. According to the investigative article, Shaini ‘Dove’ Goodwin had also attended courses at the Ramtha school at the end of the 1980s and was a decade later living near the school. She would later claim to be channeling “ascended masters” herself (just like so many others in the New Age Movement).

To the Omega and NESARA cult followers, Dove portrayed herself as having special “insider information” (from unspecified sources) and her messages became ever more fanciful, such as claiming that the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center was done to stop the deliveries/funding of NESARA.[5] Harvey Barnard got rather angry when he learned of this and wrote a sharp message on his website.[6] Dove didn’t care just kept keeping the hope alive for her growing group of followers. Soon the prosperity funds would come. Very soon.

In 2003 there was even a docimentary, Waiting For NESARA, about The Open Minds Forum, a group of ex mormons from Salt Lake City, who believed that the George Bush Jr. war in Iraq was initiated with the sole purpose of delaying NESARA. There were prophecies that UFOs would land and stop the war.

Despite NESARA, investment returns, or space aliens being nowhere in sight, the groups of hopeful followers kept growing, both in the U.S., the Netherlands, and other parts of the world. Cult followers help convince others that it’s only a matter of days, or weeks at the most, before NESARA comes with its rain of gold. And not just over the U.S. but now over the whole world, in the “global NESARA program”, GESARA.

In this interview Dove herself talks about all the fantastic things about NESARA and her valiant White Knights:

What is so characteristic of this type of opportunistic and conscience-challenged scam artist is the creative mixture of strongly held religious beliefs, populist politics (in Dove’s case more to the Left), and popular conspiracy theories. First, base the story on a grain of truth and point to well-known problems that many people are concerned about (e.g. the fractal banking system), add ever more fanciful and outlandish ingredients to dazzle and confuse, and finally spice the concoction with the hope of free and easy fortunes for everyone. Soon. Then keep followers pacified and devoted by using flattery and hope one day and threats and fear the next. This Dove Report from July 2002 is a typical example of the threats to those daring to question her scheme: 

While waiting for NESARA you could send cash to Dove’s P.O. Box address to finance her Dove Reports (“dove droppings” as Barnard called them), her many trips around the world for “secret important meetings” and to open a bank account for the $140 million she claimed to have been donated towards the NESARA cause. (This generous secret donor couldn’t afford to send her a plane ticket…?)

Two years later, her followers were also welcome to invest in her new super secret investment project NESARA Gateway, with a guaranteed return of several million dollars within 30 days… [7]

On June 10, 2010, one “Tami Terusa” suddenly declared in a final newsletter on Dove’s that the “Dove of Oneness” had passed on – and pretty much saved the whole universe by her death.[8]

Tami announced that the site was to be shut down a few weeks later, but luckily you could still keep sending cash to Dove’s reliable investment project…

The New Age Pipe Dream

The dream of NESARA gold did not end with Dove disappearing from the Internet. Countless wannabe NESARA cult leaders were eager to carry the dream forward, including many from the New Age movement.

Beth Trutwin

One of Dove’s many copycat scammers was Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Trutwin who, sometimes with Mark Huber, expanded and seasoned the NESARA myth with even more fantastic “channelled” stories. Via her websites, and a host of other New Age and UFO websites, Beth flooded her followers with endlessly long and detailed stories with a mix between popular conspiracy theories, known names from Theosophy, New Age and UFO mythology, and the most spectacularly outlandish fantasies.

The gist of it all was that the NESARA announcement and payment was just around the corner, with the help of “insiders”, arch angels, ascended masters, and space brothers. At the same time, the earth was about to ascend to the 5th Dimension (where you clearly would will still need money or gold).

We have been well advised that galactic ships are over every major city and will decloak when the signal is given. (May 27, 2008.) NO one gets any money until Lady Master Nada makes her Announcement on TV, at which time she will tell us the date of release that will be within 72 hours of her announcement. She is Special Prosecutor authorized by the Solar Tribunal, of which she is President, and the ICJ. She is expected to dissolve our Supreme Court; appoint Patrick Fitz as Acting AG and then authorize the arrests/removals of all cited ones. (May 27, 2008.) The legal means to take us through this denouement was set in place in 1999 by the ICJ at which time St Germain and the King of Swords/head of the worldwide militia of 4,000,000 men + 40,000 Galactic-humans, were given the power to prosecute and take such actions as are required to remove the corrupt ones and to insure that the whole planet is prepared for upshift into the 5th Dimension, in the short time left in this cycle. (June 15, 2008.) [9]

Mark & Beth (21 aug 2009)

The Government’s original prosperity programs had now grown to 78 and the person behind it all was none other than the immortal master S:t Germain who had spent several hundred years gathering a fortune in precious metals in his World Trust, to be distributed to needy people in our time. Behind this plan was the Galactic Brotherhood under Ashtar Command, King of Swords, Lady Master Nada, and others. And it was no small change to be distributed but hundreds of billions of dollars.

Special Trusts and 78 programs which were originally created by St Germain over 200 years ago for this time, will provide the means to offer free education to all and assist all in upgrading quality of life. Suppressed technologies, secretly being used by the controllers, will be made available to the public. (…)

All major programs in all countries will be completed over 12-15 months maximum, except for the first four. People in the programs will receive many hundreds of billions –- which is an understatement — of which they will be mandatorily gifting a small percentage of $10 million to each one on their lists of an estimated 200 people. All the lists will be cross-compared to ensure that everyone gets that amount.[10]

Beth Trutwin (2011) Is NESARA real?

And in 2009, there had also been secret mass arrests and executions (!) of ten thousand bankers, according to Beth. The reason no one noticed is because they were replaced by “solid holograms”… so realistic that even their own families didn’t know.

On October 30th, in Ashville, NC, CH 13, WSOL, locals were surprised to see huge movements of large military aircraft–painted black–into the local area. CIA, FBI in large numbers filled the area, and then thousands of business-suited prisoners in handcuffs and leg shackles were loaded on the planes in the wee hours of the night. Those planes were headed for the Hague and the prisoners were said to be 10,000 bankers and associates indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald’s 56 Grand Juries meeting over the last 3+ years. It was obvious that a Federal Judge had unsealed those indictments. (…) 10,000 bankers were arrested, tried in the Hague, and executed a week ago, while holograms are in their places in the top levels of the banks and their families will not know until after our Announcement.[11]

Beth Trutwin (2013), Living With the Rainbow 

The NESARA funds still weren’t coming, but soon. Really soon now. First it was meant to happen before the magic Maya Calendar date December 21, 2012. When nothing happened, it was the followers own fault, according to Beth.

As of December 21, 2012 we have ascended Earth and we still do not have Disclosure and Announcements. Many people are depressed and worn out and wondering why. What has happened is started back in October or November of 2012 where there was a plot made by the remaining Cains who were panicking as they knew their final days on Earth were here. Many lightworkers who had expanded their consciousness with the great influx of light which accompanied the Cosmic changes of Earth lining up with Galactic Center got in on the con. The strength and resolve of many lightworkers was not strong enough to resist the appeal of seemingly easy money. Disclosure was fully planned and on the table for December but lightworkers themselves held up the course of its reveal.[12]

Beth Trutwin (2014), The Event : Disclosure MAKE IT YOUR MISSION

Then it was meant to happen after Steven Greer‘s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (an alternative UFO hearing with retired senators, military personnel and UFO profiles, held at the National Press Club i Washington, D.C. in April 2013). After this hearing, the UFO fleet would be landing and everyone in the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia would receive $10 million within 72 hours.[13] That nothing happened this time either didn’t stop Beth from going on as usual. All that was needed was that President Obama did what was expected from him. Two years later, it was the “spiritual leaders of Shamballa” who needed persuading by Mother Khesmet.[14]

And so it goes on, year after year. Some finally wake up and see the scam for what it is. Others keep hoping.

“Relax ppl. It’s from Beth. She’s been posting this stuff for years. Not one thing coming from her or her crew has ever eventuated. Just fictional distraction to generate excitement and donations.”

Comment under one of Beth’s many NESARA posts (Is NESARA real?, 23 dec 2011)

After Beth too dissappeared from the Internet and deleted her websites, there has been no shortage of “channellers”, “insiders” and other opportunists to keep the myth alive. These are just a few examples.

Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle, Ph.D., born in New York City 1946, claims to be an alien contactee since childhood. In the 1980s he founded the Planetary Activation Organisation (PAO) and published a number of books with channelled messages from his alien contacts in the Galactic Federation. In 1994, he and Virginia Essene caused a sensation in New Age circles with the book You’re Becoming a Galactic Human, which claimed that humanity was about to go through an an instant global spritual awakening when the earth passed through a fictitious Photon Belt (an idea that wasn’t even his own). This was to happen December, 17, 1996, at the latest. On top of this, the Galactic Federation’s 15 million spaceships would be landing to help humanity with their advanced technology so that the perfect “heaven on earth” would be in place before 2012.[15] When nothing in particular happened on these dates Nidle instead turned to NESARA. Many have short memories and promising a new economic system with free gold for everyone is always a sure sell.

One of the major events to follow the rise of NESARA and the new NESARA Republic is the formal implementation of the new financial system. Already we can see how the new international banking system is to be introduced worldwide. This is being rolled out first in China and to the rest of Asia. Then it is to be made dominant in Europe, the Americas and Africa. Oceania is to be the final stop for the new banking reality. New global currencies are to encourage a new prosperity for all and the formal termination of debt slavery. (…)

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The present situation is quickly improving. Our associates are busy insuring that the payouts shortly proceed. Those who have waited so long for a sign can know that the wait is nearly over. [16]

Sheldan Nidle (2017) channelling the Spritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

David Wilcock

The arch fraudster with the vivid imagination, David Wilcock, could naturally not resist jumping on the NESARA bandwagon. [17]

When no NESARA, millennium bug (Y2K), pole shift, mass arrests, ascension, 2012, or any of the other popular New Age myths he promised, came to pass, Wilcock just moved on to BRICS (which many in the alternative sphere hoped would be a magic cure-all for the economic system at the time) and then to new exciting speculations about “secret space programs” etc (according to his new website Divine Cosmos).

Update April 2, 2020: Amazingly, Wilcock is still at it. Finally, NESARA is about to happen any day now, after President Trump, with his fantastic superpowers, has shut down all internet, media and telephone traffic over the whole world for three days – starting yesterday or thereabouts – while Trump’s one million soldiers arrest all villains around the globe, according to Wilcock’s secret Government informers who want him of all people to be the one to spill the beans before the operation takes place. All we ordinary folks have to do is stay calm and wait for all the wonderful things that will occur after the blackout…

Benjamin Fulford

And then we have disinformation artists such as Benjamin Fulford cooking up his own NESARA fairy tale.

For the first time in history, Eastern and Western secret societies have agreed to work together for the benefit of the planet, secret society sources say.  As one Western secret society source put it, “Jesus Christ is going to get married to Guan Yin [the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy].”

The result is that unlimited funding is going to be made available to fund projects to help the living creatures of this planet, human and otherwise, the sources say.  However, since we are entering historically uncharted waters, it will probably take a few months before the actual work can begin, the sources say.[18]

Ben Fulford (2018), “Jesus Christ to marry Asian Goddess” as East-West secret societies agree to save planet

Despite the original NESARA drafter stating clearly that it never went past the senators he sent it to, that it never included any promises of gold or money, and that it has provenly been used and twisted by brazen scam artists, the myth is kept alive by ever new generations of gullible hopefuls. The myth now includes a complete revamping of the economic system and soon-to-come (or already secretly conducted) mass arrests of the so-called “cabal” – a notion Dove and Beth either just made up in their “channelled” messages from the Galactic Brotherhood, or picked up from other scammers.

The Groups Still Waiting…

Some of the groups most prone to forwarding the myth (without checking its shady background).

A. Naive New Agers who believe almost anything channelled from purported “spiritual” or “alien” sources, hoping to be saved by the Galactic Brotherhood, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Obama, the Messiah or the Second Coming of Christ (renamed Sananda or Maitreya) (example 2018)[19], (example 2020).[20] There are too many more to list here.

B. Conspiracy theorists, status quo critics, patriots, and many to the Right or Alt-Right. For them, it is Q and Trump and their secret score of “white hats” coming to our rescue.[21, 22] Which is rather a surprising conclusion considering who Trump’s friend’s and funders are (see The Last Trump).

C. A growing number of ordinary people waking up to some of the many real problems in the highest ranks of world politics and finance and who are hoping for a change to something better for themselves and the world.

I’m sorry to have to say this, and I certainly understand the need for a glimmer of hope in a dire situation, but NESARA really is just a scam and a fantasy, just like that “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow.

If there would be a Global Currency Reset (“GCR”) in the wake of the financial crises caused by the corona virus mitigation policies, we are more likely to wake up in an Orwellian technocratic nightmare with a strictly limited digital carbon currency – with credit and privileges tied to your social credits – than to being handed a personal parcel with $10 million in rainbow currency…

Inger G. Nordangård


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4 thoughts on “Still waiting for NESARA?

  1. Thank you. I have family members(one particularly)who strongly believe this. I have done my research however and I know this is a scam. So many times this was supposed to come to fruition and the deadline always passes with nada happening. Lol.
    I tried telling one family member it was bogus but they want to believe what the other family member has to say about it instead because she is educated and I am not, I guess?
    Also, I personally feel none of this is biblical. I wish I could send them this article but I’ll just keep my mouth shut and surely they will eventually see they’ve been scammed.

  2. Sorry this Artikel is just an example for a intresting Kritik who stopped research to early. It’s true that Wilcock is a showmaster but it’s also true that his work is very solid remenbr that every masterpice on any university is 50 % work of other people that’s not a crime that’s how science works.
    Two very good people are missing on this list Kerry Cassidy and Simon Parks
    Look up Projekt Camelot and study just the popular videos that’s enoght
    Benjamin Fulford has a big mouth but he is also very good informed but for him is shurly true that he dosent check his sources.
    I never heard from dove but everybody heard frum nesara gesara of course
    Let me just say that Paul in the Bible predicted in his early letters that Jesus comes back within his livetime that WA about 2000 years ago nobody says he is a lier. We ae up against a system that is in place for about 6000 years. And one strike of the system I was able to figure out was that a central group of nesara was in the world trade center before 9/11 I am shure they believed the were save there but that was wrong.
    And nobody I know would claim that George W Bush the president has anything to do with any alternativ movement he was the darkest of presidents. The election froud from 2020 trump biden was the last big thing from the dark side that alone tells me trump can not be so bad otherwise they won’t take such an action to get ride of him. We are in a battle and te battle is not over yet. But how could we survive this without any hope.

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