UN Leaders Pact for the Future: A Pact with Who (Pt1)

My lecture uncovers the true intention behind next years Summit of the Future, which will result in the outcome document Leaders pact for the Future.

The plan with the pact is to turn the recommendations from United Nations Our Common Agenda into concrete measures, and turbocharge the implementation of Agenda 2030.

If the pact gets signed, it will result in a new automated global management system that will have severe consequences for our freedoms. Who will benefit from and ultimately lead the transformation?

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2 thoughts on “UN Leaders Pact for the Future: A Pact with Who (Pt1)

  1. Hi. Just to say a key news from Russia: biodigital convergence agenda is officially under preparation.

    Press Center of the National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”, 03.11.2023
    Russia will have a program for the development of nature-like technologies
    The decree was signed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

    “Back in the 1930s, Academician Vernadsky said that as soon as the technosphere spreads to most of the world, there will be a resource catastrophe. And we can see it. There are two ways: either a war for resources, which is already starting all over the world, or the creation of a nature-like technosphere,” commented Mikhail Kovalchuk, President of the Center

    Link with details (+links to even more interesting details about the essence of the concept).
    In case anyone is interested.

    *For reference: two short, uncritical summaries about the news from (other than my thread) sites in English:
    Putin signed the decree on the development of nature-like technologies

    Little more details:

    – The decree of the President of the Russian Federation on accelerating the development and implementation of nature-like technologies is not only very relevant for Russia, but in fact is a condition for maintaining the competitiveness and survival of the country. Natural technologies for the scientific and technological development of the country and the well-being of people are our inevitable future. This future is rapidly approaching and has already begun with the transition after 2006-2008 to the sixth technological order for the next 40-50 years (the era of biological, environmental, medical, socio-psychological technologies, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), non-traditional transport mechanisms, military technologies, technologies for building eco-cities and green “smart” cities, including future extraterrestrial settlements in space, on the Moon, Mars, etc.).

    Little more deep.

    But the best remains my carefully collected archive (to which the first link leads, the built-in).

  2. You do a really good job, respect. The problem, however, is actually the people, as Harari says, who for many decades, even centuries, have exchanged all independence for so-called modern comfort and who can now only behave like children: spoilt, snivelling, demanding, always playing, without any seriousness and without respect. Useless eaters in fact, to be used only as laboratory animals, lurching from one kick to another in the metaverse – the meat generation – milk or meat, as Dmitri Orlov aptly called it.

    Give up what you are supposed to be enslaved to – the digital illusory world. This is the path to freedom. Reality is always true, but rarely comfortable.

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