My talk at Spotlight Conference: Shaping the Future Agenda – The Digital World Brain

I had the honor of giving the opening presentation at the Spotlight Conference in Stavanger April 15th. In my talk (21:00-1:02:00) I focused on the futuristic ideas to create a perfectly managed world system (with the use of digitization and anticipatory governance) and how this manifests in United Nations Our Common Agenda.

This can, as predicted by Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1970, result in a global technocratic dictatorship. The reactions and reporting about the conference from MSM clearly indicates this. No dissenting views is allowed in the futuristic sustainable “Utopia” and those who dare to speak out are labeled as conspiracy theorists and deniers of science. But I am convinced that truth will triumph in the end. I can also recommend to watch the other speakers (like Alexandra Latypova and Philipp Kruse).




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